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sirloin steak?

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So let me get this right i turn my grill all the way up let it get as hot as possible and sear each side 3-5 minutes flipping 45 degree angels for the cross hatches,do i leave it on high for the next 10-14 minutes or turn it down to low for the next 10-14 minutes after seering?Also should i add the bbq sauce while cooking or put it on the side for the person to chose?
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Depends. How do you like your steak?

Me, I prefer medium rare. I basically give it 3-4 minutes on one side, then flip it, and give 3-4 minutes on the other side, then flip it & turn 45 degrees for 3-4 minutes, then flip it and cook for 3-4 minutes.
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I sear on the grill marks and then indirect cook for 45 min at medium to high heat. Always comes out tender and juicy. Vary the cooking times to meet your needs for doneness.icon_smile.gif
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I do sear my steaks but it not that big of a thing to get the grill marks to me and the wife. Now if I'm cooking for maybe customers I might take the time get the grill marks. Now I don't put any sauce on my steaks for if it needs sauce then I did a bad job on the grilling/smoking. I think that all you should need on a well grilled steak is salt and pepper and thats it.
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No sauce on a steak please .. always on the side . If it's for you just hit the grille with them flip'em after a couple of miutes while grille is still really hot .. tune grille down and finish them off to the level of doneness you prefer . Me I hit the grille 2, 3 minutes flip'em 2,3 mn inutes and turn grille down and cook maybe another 14 minutes tops . .I like them just brown with a rich pink center but not rare ......... got any Qview /
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I like my steaks cut about 1" thick, and I like 'em Rare.

I get all the burners cranking on high until the dial thermo in the lid pegs out and the heat deflector above the burners starts to glow.

Then I dance the steak across the grill at 3-5 minutes on side 1, flip, add a pat of garlic butter, close the lid, and go about a minute less on side 2 than I did on side 1. When it flares up like a bonfire due to the melting butter dripping off the top, no worries - let 'er rip.

Serve immediately.
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I like mine quite rare, my wife likes just a bit more rare than medium (not quite medium rare.

I get the grill good and hot, then turn down the burner and put hers on. I flip at about 7 minutes. Another 5 minutes later I turn up the other side of the grill opposite hers and put mine on with the burner high for about 90 seconds a side. Then I pull at the same time.

She gets a nice medium, and I get a nice 1/8" sear on each side and cool red center I love.
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