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GIANT Pig Candy Fatty

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I took a chub Bob Evans Savory Sausage and made a fatty out of it.
I wrapped Pepper Jack, Provolone Cheeses and pepperoni in it. I wrapped it with bacon and on top of that I put the pig candy rub on it moderately.
It was a sweet-heat taste that I will do again: soon.

Yea I know, just another fish story w/out q/view. Next time. But try it.
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Sounds great Ray - but you know what they say here - looks like it didn't happen LOL
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I"m drooling!PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Me too! Sounds really good.
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Trying to see it...... Ummmm nothing

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It all sounds fine and dandy but you know without Qview it didn't happen. BOO Silver.
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I agree! Sounds great....guess I'll be having dreams about it tonight! Lol, is it just me or do other people have dreams about que?
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