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Curing poultry before smoking?

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I just got done reading through Rytek Kutas book, and in there he said that poultry should always be cured before smoking. Is that true? Or is he talking about cold-smoking rather than hot-smoking/fully cooking?
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He is talking about cold smoking.
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I agree with Zane (bbally) on this one cause I have read the book too. Now I have taken pieces of chicken and cured them with some tender quick then then smoked them for a differant flavor a couple of times.
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Cold smokin ya gotta cure em, hot smokin no need ta. A nice brine works wonders, but ya don't even have ta do that if ya don't wanna.

If yer smokin 225° is better yer gonna get through the danger zone just fine so it's not needed.
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Thanks guys.
I have a freezer full of $.40/lb turkeys from before Thanksgiving, I think one of them is going to meet my smoker soon! But thats after I do some PP and a stuffed $.99/lb boneless loin from before Christmas. I just have so many things I want to smoke and no time to do it all. I work 40-50 hours a week and I live alone, so all the work around the house is done by me, nobody to share it with. Its tough to find time to cook in there as well. I normally just cook a bunch of stuff on the weekends, then eat left-overs throughout the week. Next weekend I'll do the PP and loin, I think the turkey and a fattie can be the weekend after that!
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Hot smoking it's not required, but man is it gooooodddd! Pickling a turkey first, then smoking it, makes it a delicasy!
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I'd smoke a turkey at 325° - 350°, gets ya through the danger zone in time an gives a decent skin ta boot.

I know what ya mean bout bein busy, winter supposed ta be when I slow down, but not this en!
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