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I was just reading that sugars burn,well i put brown sugar in my dry rub kinda a lot to i like sweet meat,i just woke up and added the dry rub,is smoking these beef ribs for 6 hours gona burn on the outside?should i rinse em off add new dry rub with no sugar and add sugar at the end?
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you will be fine, just keep temps below 250-275. I use alot of suger at times also.
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Yes, the sugar is okay and you won't have an issue with it burning at normal smoking temps. For me though, I usually don't use a sweet rub on beef, just pig and poultry. I let the beef sing its own song. icon_wink.gif
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I use brown sugar when I do a sweet rub. It tastes great. I generally prefer meat spicy to sweet, but sweet is good too.
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I've got sugar in my home-made BBQ sauce and put it on later near the end of cooking, on the grill to get it "glazed". I never thought about putting it in the rub ? Maybe I'll try that.

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Thanks for the info guys so its seems low and slow is fine with sugar but high heat causes sugars to burn ,got it.
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Yup... what they said. For a slab of spare ribs or chicken I start with a base of 1 cup brown sugar then go to town building my layers of flavor ontop of that. I usually go for a sweet with kick flavor, but also get some depth to it with things like fresh ground cummin and fennel seed.

A great fast rub that is awesome is 1 cup brown sugar, 1/4 cup hot curry powder, and about 1/4 cup kosher salt (start with less salt and taste as you add). It will taste spicy before you put it on, but the curry mellows a bit as it smokes... awesome ribs and chicken!
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You can try turbinado sugar, it usually won't burn in the manner that regular or brown sugar will burn. There are many smokers who prefer this type of sugar.
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Now I (the wife) like sweet rubs on her pulled pork now. So you can have sugar in your rub and you might get alitle darker bark on it but thats alright thou. We use sugar in alot of my own rubs you just don't have to use that much after all it's to taste anyway. Your taste.
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