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First time ABT's

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So now that you all have lead me on the road to ruin, my first crack at ABT's. I filled them with some breakfast sausage meat & smoked cheddar. They were fantastic.

Would download pics, but they're too big. Will resize them & try again.
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I know what you mean. If I even act like I'm going to fire up the grill, my wife asks me if we have any peppers & am I going to make some ABTs. Looks like I better plan on growing some peppers this summer.
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Don't leave us hanging. Without Qview it never happened... icon_mrgreen.gif
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I think I got it!

Sorry for the poor quality. these were taken with my cell phone & then resized.
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You are now officially hooked icon_mrgreen.gif
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Like Mike (jaxgator) says you are hooked but we still need to work on the pictures/Qview here.
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Don't worry, I just bought a few more dozen jalapeno's. Next time I'll be sure to use my digital camera & not the phone.
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