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Stuffed pork loin

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I'm considering a stuffed pork loin -- about 4.5 pounds. Any suggestions????
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You can go pretty much wherever you want with this.

I tend to stuff with a sauteed vegetable mixture that has been cooled. I do rub in some EVOO first.

Then put a rub on the outside.

Good luck
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I have done just about everything. I go heavy on the flavor side since the pork tends to be fairly blan. One of the famliy favorites is stove top, and Pepper jack cheese. Make sure to put the stuffing in dry. do not pre cook the stuffing or you will get mush!
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My favorite:
Baby Spinach
Black Olives
Pesto Sauce
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Well, here is my Sausage Stuffed Pork Loin recipe. I manage to do this 4-5 times during the year.
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Where do I begin?

Such great ideas, and I only have one loin. I think I'll cut it in half and try two different methods. But which two? Maybe I could cut it in fourths.......

Maybe I'll just try one recipe at a time.icon_rolleyes.gif
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this is one of my favs just a meal in onePDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

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Wow. Thanks Dutch. I was trying to figure out how to cut and roll it out. Your Qviews are great.
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These all look so good. I think I will cut the loin in half and stuff only one. Can I smoke them together, and will they take the same amount of time?
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You've got lots of ideas to roll with, so I'll sit back and wait for the qview icon_wink.gif
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Pork loin is so uniform in size, that leaving it whole or cutting it in half really doesn't shorten the smoke time by much. But cutting the loin in half exposes two more ends to the smoke and that's good! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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And at what temp. do you smoke them? (I'm smoking with a MES until I'm ready to remove the training wheels and get a grownup smoker.) I plan to pull them around 150 and throw them on the grill for a quick sear.
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I get pull them off at 155 F / 68 C icon_smile.gif
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I run the smoker between 250° and 265° and pull it when it hits 145° internal temp. I then place it on the cutting board and tent it with foil-the carryover cooking will bring the loin up to 150°-155°. I've never worried about doing a quick sear on the loin 'cuz everyone is ready to eat!
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Thanks, Dutch. I'm guessing the int. temp should be the same regardless if it is stuffed or not.
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Uncompromised loin can be pulled as low as 140 internal. Stuffed compromised loin needs to hit 160 internal.
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I'm with Pignit on this one for I have made a few with the same ingredients
Theres one that I made a short time ago. It also had baby spinach and some feta cheese in it.
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