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Just joined forum and have found tons of info already, thanks for that. I do have a couple of questions. I jut got my pig back that I raised from the butcher, I kept both hams whole, bone is with hock removed. They each weigh a little over 27 pounds each (hanging weight was 232 lbs.) I got both hams fresh, uncured with skin on. I want to cure and smoke one for Easter this year and I do have enough time to do this. Question #1, can I leave the skin on while I do this? Question #2 I have a Traeger lil Tex Smoker, will it be big enough to do a ham that big? Question #3 can I use a cooler to place the ham in for the 30 day brine/cure? I will leave it in a barn protected and it is still winter here in Colorado, or would I have to add ice every few days?


Thanks for all those that can help out.




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Pops Almost 5 years later and your outstanding explanations and pictures are still teaching others.  Got my hands on a nice piece of pork and wanted to try turning into a ham.  I love your BBB and make it all the time so I searched info from you.  Bingo, I know exactly what I am going to do now.  Thank you  -Jeff

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I'll second what he said!  I'm going to be butchering a half hog in a few weeks (gotta admit I've got a good deal of nerves about it combined with a ton of excitement) and plan on doing this exact process with my ham - using your brine recipe.


Plan to probably put about 16 hours of cold smoke on it (whatever the ambient temperature will be by then) with an AMPS in the Big Green Egg and then hot smoke it up to 140 to rest for a week before finishing it up in the oven on dinner day.  Might remove the aitch bone during butchering too but not sure yet.  I was sweating that a great deal but seeing you do yours with the bone in has inspired me to just let it roll.


I've said it before elsewhere but thanks for what you've contributed to this group Pops.  This board is largely responsible for my wanted to take on a project like this.

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I am a week into the brine/cure. Can't wait to smoke and try this ham. I expect goodness. yahoo.gif
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Which version of Pop's brine did you use, Jeff? (how much salt, sugar, and brown sugar per gallon).  And did you add anything else to it spice wise?  It's funny - I've been so obsessed with some of the logistics of this butcher project that I've kind of forgotten to get excited about actually EATING the stuff... this thread has helped with that :)

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Can't wait to see pictures



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This is my first post and simple question


- Can we go from smoker to table?  We dont have too many fans for sweet coatings or fruit


BTW, I have an electric smoker that uses chunks and have had good success with kielbasa and kabanosy using an old family recipe.  


Also have been roasting pigs for a long time in an enclosed 350 gal rotisserie that is propane fired.  I use a lot of steam on pigs for the first 4-5 hours and a great sauce made from duck sauce and reg barbq sauce.  However it cooks in the roaster catching all the drippings - just skim off the excess fat.

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Sure no problem. If you do choose to let it sit for a bit it will be better, letting all the juices re-distribute . But I've had a hungry crowed that as soon as I brought it in devoured it



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OK - I am going to substitute the brown sugar for honey and maplesyrup - will add a bit of garlic too.  Will keep everyone posted and will be smoking on 4/12 so only 3 weeks and not four.   However will add 30% more cure.

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Pop, I know this was posted quite some time ago but this forum is massive and every now and again one comes across exactly what one is looking for and this is one of those times.

I have just started down this line of curing and this could not have come at a better time, I will now go back and re read this post taking notes as I go so as my next creation is a success.

I do not do Qviews but I will be doing so when I do my next ham using your instructions.


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Thank you so much!

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Once again I have read this post to make sure I've got it right, have taken notes along the way to be sure, to be sure, to be sure.

Pop's it's great to see that you have taken the time and initiative to pass on this tradition, not only to strangers but to your family above all.


Cheers from Down Under

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Looks amazing pops . We are picking up a hog on monday and we had the hind cut into 3 pieces its just the two of us. I need to brine and smoke them. How long do you think i need to brine the smaller hams for?? This is my first time doing a fresh ham. I have done bacon and Canadian bacon but not this. Any pointers thanks papa t .
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