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Tailgating UDS 2.0

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A few weeks ago I posted some pics of my buddy Messy's Denver Bronco UDS we built together and plan to use for tailgating.
Well, mine is finally finished! I christened it a couple days ago with 2 8lb butts. Came out perfect. Sorry no qview on that.icon_neutral.gif

So here it is, ready for the spring game next month and some wings and ABT's!

Nipples for 3 one inch ball valves

Big burnout.

4 inch casters with locks mounted to a MDF disk with carriage bolts.

Drip pan hung from grate by 4 inch clothes line bolts, worked great!

We both made the same fuel baskets with a pizza pan ash catcher.

Hard to see but it has gold painted handles.

Ready for game time! I already have requests for 2 custom builds, this was a lot of fun.
Thanks to DDave, Donnylove, Tip, Solaryellow and many others for your help!
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You two make some AWESOME looking UDS. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifYou could definately sell those and making a killing. points.gif
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nice job!!!!!!!
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P.S. I love the drip pan can you go further into the specs of that and give us some close up pics.
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Absolutely, it's covered right now cause it is going snow tonight but I will email you pics later!
The pan I got at Walmart for $5, the 1/4x20 bolts at Home Depot for $.89 and 4 lock nuts at the bottom.
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These paint themes are getting cool. Just might have to give mine a makeover. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks great grizz....I'll get pics of mine up soon.I don't have a computer right now..posting from my iPhone
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I hear ya slim, did you check out those sites I sent you?
Look forward to your pics!
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Nice Job Grizz. It was nice working with you on these things. The kids look great!!!
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Those look great. You have a business opportunity there. What about CSU???
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Great jobpoints.giffor originality.
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Sorry Dave, unless it's for you a CSU smoker would be double the price!
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Ya....I found the one I want.....I'm gona order it today
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I was joking with you man but I bleed black and gold.Special price for you.
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You should advertise these. Even a CSU version. I bet you will sell a bunch out here. How about an Airforce version and a Wyoming version. My wife thinks you should do a quilters version.
I think you are possibly on to something here.

Love your work even if it was done by a Buff.icon_smile.gif
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Those are killer looking uds!! I wanted to make mine a Buccaneers uds but didnt , now maye i will do it someday? Very nice work!!
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How did you get the logos/graphics on there? Are they stickers? If so, dont they melt? Painted? Would appreciate any info.
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I'm sure you'd have to exhaust the demand for your local teams before you branched out and built a Dallas Cowboys version of your UDS. There are competing products right here on the SMF that are no where near as nice as what you've built.

Dave, my wife would also opt for a quilters version.
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Now if they got rid of their coach so the Buffs would get good again your gamedays would be even better.
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