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Digital Thermometer?

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Hello Group, My digital meat thermometer has died. It won't register above ~131 degrees. I'm looking for suggestions. The one I had had a plug in cable so it could be placed outside the cooker, or the oven, when doing other things. Is there a brand that you can reommend bith for accuracy and longevity? Thanks.
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Have a look at the Maverick ET-73. Some have had some problems with it; I have not.
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Agreed, I love my ET-73!
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Here is a dumb question. Do you already have more than one thermo where you could have the probes plugged into the wrong base unit? I did that once. I hooked the wrong meat probe into the wrong base and both of them read all crazy. Just a thought.
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You should have a buch of back ups. I have 4 now and always looking for a good deal on more too. They do have a shelf life too. Theses days things don't last as long as things used to. I think they make them to brake so you have to buy another one.
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What he said. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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I have 4. Three digital Onida's and ET-73. The ET is my favorite because of the dual probes and remote capability.
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I currently have a Taylor unit and the two new Kenmore remote units I bought a few weeks ago. The Taylor I've had for s few years now and it shows no signs of slowing down.
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Did you try changing the batteries and install quality alkaline (NOT heavy duty dollar store type!) batteries into it? Might be the power source, not the product itself.
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Maverick ET-73. I also have a cheaper Redi-Check that I use when I have more than one piece of meat in the smoker. They always read within a few temps of each other. I do a final check with an instant read thermometer. Might be overkill, but I'm a safety girl.
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I have a couple of Et-73's. I have had several probe failures in less than a year. I bought two extra probes of each. For the smoker and meat. As they die I most likely won't replace them.
I will spend the money on good quality pocket meat thermomter for checking meat temps. Then replace my smoker analog therms wih a good quality analog.
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I've found this thermometer to be a lifesaver as a backup as well. Not digital, but gives the meat temp and the chamber temp. I have two of them taht I use regularly. Yes, you have to open your smoker to see the temp, but I generally only do that when I know that the timing is approximately right anyway (for foil, etc.)
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