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1st time CSR ?'s

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My maiden voyage on my new MES will be next weekend. I am going to do some CSR's for the first time, and have a few questions.

1) Do I prepare them the same as regular ribs? (mustard, rub, etc. the night before?)

2) What is the optimal smoking temp?

3) What is the target finished meat temp?

4) what is a rough idea for how long to smoke them?

Any tips or suggestion will be much appreciated!!!!

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I prepare mine the same way I do any other ribs. I love CSR's.
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i tend to treat them like a cross between pork shoulder and spare ribs. i season and cook them like ribs and then go for slightly higer finished temps closer to pork shoulder.

it's all good!
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I cook CSR at 225. Here's a link to some I did.

Good choice for a first run also.
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good choice for first smoke to see how it does. i rub them, smoke them around 250 for about 2 hrs until they are tender (around 170) for slicing. if you go longer and foil til over 200 they pull nicely.
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I don't smoke 'em often, but here's what I do: 2-2.0-0.5 for fall apart fork tender, around 3-1-0.5 for more smoke flavor and a bit less tender.

Have some in the vault right far , so good. Should be ready for lunch in about another hour...icon_wink.gif

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I have always treated them like ribs but i smoke tham to about 155° or so and they should be fine. I know most folks here say 165° but I like mine alittle under for the carry over heat will get them really close to that temp.
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What he said. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Finished temp depends on how you want to eat them. If you want them to be like pork chops and slice and use a knife and fork to eat them then go to 160°.

If you want to have them fork tender or just pick them up and eat them, shoot for 195°.

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I just smoked a batch of CSR's  about two weeks ago...the method i used was rubbed the night before...MES preheated to 225...water pan half full of boiling water. Smoked the ribs for 2.25 hours then foiled with a splash of apple juice for 1.75 hours. Out of foil put on bbq sauce... 15 minutes later out of the smoker. They were great...moist ..tender ...smokey. Some of them started to fall apart coming out of the foil.

The CSR's here a basically Boston butts sliced with the bone in. They differ in some parts of the country.

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Here their is no bone. Just meat . Been eating csr since i was born.Mom cooked in oven  at 350 till the sause was black. Arkansas style.Black bar bq.The sugers burn before the the meat.

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I smoke them just like spares.

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