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I have a couple of small chuckies rubbed & sittin in the fridge overnight. To achieve pulling, do I need to go to 205* internal? Thanks.
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Taking it to the top temp and then foiling for a few hours should give you some great pork to pull.
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I think that temp should be fine. I just tried the same and ended up slicing. I didnt probe in multiple areas and think I hit a hot spot. Just gives me an excuse to try again. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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I love chuckeeez. I take mine anywhere from 195 to 205. If I temp them and the probe doesn't feel like it hit hot butter...... I leave it in there a little longer. You can take to a high temp for pullin but you can put them in the fridge and after cooling they slice up nice for sandwiches.
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What ^^^Dave said works.
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