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How do you monitor different cuts?

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Just wondering what everyone is using to monitor different cuts on their smoker? I just purchased a Maverick ET-73 and am going to try it out this weekend. I wanted to do an overnight smoke tonight but I want to do a brisket and a pork butt. But back to the question, what do you guys use for monitoring say 3 different meats? I was thinking about buying a ET-7 too for another wireless monitor. In combination with the ET-73, I would have 3 probes for meat and 1 for the smoker. Anyone else have any other ideas? I'd like to have all wireless so I can read my temps from inside and have temp alarms so it can wake me up if something is done or gone wrong.
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You can certainly get additional probes but you'd have to go outside and switch them around so that each smoker offering get's it's temperature taken. I think you might find this thread helpful.

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That is a good idea..

I am more or less looking to monitor 3 pieces of meat at a time though, no switching probes. I would like to have alarms for each so I can do over night smokes without having to switch probes and what not.
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Short of buying multiple set-ups, I can't help you with that one. I will keep my eye here in case anyone knows how to do that.
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I'm not against buying another setup. Just wondering what other people are doing. Was thinking about an ET-7 since it has 2 meat probes and coupled with my ET-73 which has 1 meat probe and 1 smoker probe. With this dual monitor setup I effectively can monitor 3 cuts and the smoker temp. Just wondering if anyone else has a simpler way of doing things.
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I think that is your best option.
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