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curing and smoking bacon

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i started curing a butt sat the 20 th for bbb it is dry
started curing port belly today the 24th 1dry and 1 wet
can i wait till it all is ready before i smok or do i need to smok the butt after 7 or 8 day or can i wait on the belly whitch will be 11 or 12 days before the belly is ready and smok it all
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I pulled my bellies after 7 days, rinsed them and let them rest for a day. Smoked them in my MES for 6 1/2 hours.

Maybe someone with more experience could possibly chime in and state why to cure longer than 7 days?



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Don't know where you got your numbers.
My shoulders (BBB) usually take a little longer than the bellies, because the shoulder is usually thicker.
Length of time curing I use is as follows:
Measure the thickness of the piece.
Divide that in half.
How many quarters are in that?
Then add 2 days for safety.

Butt (shoulder) is 3" thick.
Divide in half = 1 1/2".
6 quarters are in 1 1/2".
Add two days-----6 + 2 = 8 Days to cure.

Belly at thickest part is 2" thick.
Divide in half = 1".
4 quarters are in 1".
Add two days for safety-----4 + 2 = 6 Days to cure.

I would put the 8 day cure in two days before the 6 day cure, so they are ready on the same day.

If your numbers are correct, you'd be waiting 4 or 5 days from one to the other. I guess it wouldn't hurt to keep the one in cure that long, but I just don't think your numbers are right. Was the one 3" thick, and the other 5" thick?

Or am I missing something?

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what temp shoud i smok at 120 to160 or what
inter temp to what and how long doing bbb and belly bacon
going to used hickory and a little apple wood
wish me luck and thanks for your help
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Personally I would smoke at 120 or even lower. With bacon I smoke to get the smoke flavor and don't worry about the internal temp because I'm going to cook it before eating. The exception is most of the time I will take Canadian Bacon to 155-160 so we can slice and eat cold for sandwiches. Skin off bellies I do 9-10 hours and skin on bellies I did once for 10 hours and it wasn't enough smoke for me I'd go 12-14 I think. I think a lot has to do with how much smoke flavor you want as far as length of time in the smoke
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What Piney said is fine. He gets good results from his formula.
I do my belly bacon & BBB at higher temps:
I start at 100, and put a lot of smoke on. When my element stops running enough to make the wood smoke, I bump it up 10 degrees to get it smoking again. I keep doing this until I get up to 180 or 190 smoker temp. I usually only have to smoke them this way for about 7 to 9 hours. I have removed my bacons at 120 degrees, 130 degrees, and 140 degrees internal temp. They were all great. So between mine & Piney's, I would say anywhere from 100 degrees to 140 degrees would be good. I would avoid taking your smoker temp up high enough to boil or cook it, because you're going to fry or broil, or bake it anyway. I like to get a nice reddish brown color on the outside, and I'm done.

I take my Canadian Bacon over 160 degrees too, so I don't have to fry it later. I just warm it up slightly when I want to eat it. It'll melt in your mouth.

Have fun,
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