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Three cheese bacon ABT's

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Picked up a Pepper holder and coring tool today. Decided to break them in. Love that coring tool! Mixed up cream cheese, mozzerela, sharp cheddar, crumbled bacon, and a dash of L&P. Wrapped in bacon with a little piece on top for a cap. Into the MES they go! The clock is going to go way to slow..

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Looks nice but ONLY 7 ABTs?
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My thought exactly! Mine holds 21 and when I make ABTs I make 21! Won't be any skimping around here.biggrin.gif
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I can't eat that many! Fat boy on a diet... Just did a few miles on the treadmill to help with these! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif My biggest challenge in losing weight is learning how to cook in smaller amounts.

Now if my wife were going to be home to enjoy them, then I would have to fill the tray without a doubt!
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Looks great but as others said. ONLY 7???????? Next time I bet you do more? hahaha I got a ABT holder for Xmas and have not used it yet. I like to cut mine in half the long way so I get twice as many but I think I better try out my holder or my brother wl_kb3 will be pissed. haha
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Well they were fantastic! Yes there were only 7 bla bla bla. LOL Next time when the family is here for a Q I will be filling it to 36..

One thing to note, is this Kingcooker brand does a very poor job of breaking edges. I cut my hand twice while drying the holder off. The edges are sharp as razor blades! Fortunately I have the right tool to fix that.

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Those look great, I too am looking to cut back and/or find healthier smokes, chicken fish turkey etc
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The way I look at it, there is no such thing as great flavor without the calories and fat. So I just eat less of it. That and the treadmill. Lost 25 Pounds so far. I ate three of these peppers and left the other 4 as a snack for when my wife got home that night. I could have easily chowed a dozen of those things. they were dang good, but I have been teaching myself not to.
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The ABT's look awesome! I ate lunch an hour ago, logged in and looked at your qview only to get hungry again... Point for you! points.gif
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