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pork chop?

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Can i smoke pork chops? if so how long?
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You sure can. I have never done it but I know they would be good. Funny I just took to chops out for supper a little while ago. I am going to fry mine though.
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They are great. need to really watch the internal temps.. I take mine to 145 to 150 and they come out nice and juicy.
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I have done them several times and like others have said I pull them at 145 - wrap them with some juice and rest for about 30 min
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i have smoked pork chops and they are good.

you've got a couple of options when it comes to them, you can give them a good kiss of smoke flavor at low smoking temperatures and the make them as you normally would from there, or you can slow smoke them and keep them moist by using techniques such as wrapping in bacon or brushing occasionally with oil.

either way, you won't be disappointed.
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Now I have smoked chops before but I have a recipe for you. Ok go to the store/butcher and get you a whole bone in pork loin. Then have them trim or split the bone so you can cut it with a knife. Then smoke it as usual and take it to about 160-165 and then eat up. Then cut the rst into chops and put them into the food saver ( it should be madnitory here) and freeze them in pairs. Then when you have the hankering for chops pull them out and steam them hot and it is like a pure slice of heaven. All the juices and flavors get to mingle and all that really good stuff. So give it a try and ebjoy.
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I like to brine mine before smoking- use whatever sounds good to you-

apple juice
brown sugar

Brine for a few hours in the fridge before smoking
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I like to smoke mine for about an hour then slap them on the grill at high heat to sear them. Sounds kinda backward but it works for me.
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I fried mine lastnight with some herbes de provence on them and they were AWESOME! I can't wait to try some the same way in the smoker next time!
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that's some good stuff there.
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Just like he said. I use a sprinkle of rub, essance, or sometimes just S&P with a little EVOO. I usually sear mine first then smoke, others sear after. Your choice. Main thing is to not overcook them (which is why I sear first - I can temp them in the smoker and I know what I have regards to internal temp). 150 tops. Let rest 10-15 min.
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At what temp do i smoke them and how long will it take aprox, what kind of wood??
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Smoker temp is kinda up to u... Low and slow doesnt do alot for pork chops as they are really lean ..Just cook to temp...150 internal should be fine... The wood is also up to u, apple goes great with porak, as does cherry, maple, hickory.... Really whatever u desire.. When i smoke pork chops ( which isnt very often ) i usualy lay some bacon on them to keep them from drying out...Good luck and let us know how they come out !!icon_mrgreen.gif
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