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Tri tip w/ qview

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This is from last saturday the 13th we had Tri tip sandwhiches, grilled zuccini and corn, and bacon wrapped shrimp drizzled with evoo and crushed garlic.

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Looks great.
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Love tri tips! Great looking Q!
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Now thats some good eats there Smoke. I like the vegis grill we do it all the time here.points.gifon the tri-tip it really looks fabulous and juicy too.
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Looded nice, nothing like a weekend feast
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That all looks real good.
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Q licious,

Thanks for sharing
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Great combo of flavors and textures that compliment the Tri Tip. The Tri Tip is such a great cut, it has to be in my top 2 favs. Thanks for sharing and making me hungry.
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Looking at this made me want to go to the freezer and get a Tri-Tip out. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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