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Getting Desperate

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It's been a long cold winter. Last weekend I smoked some ribs and chicken in the garage, but the electric smoker had trouble maintaining heat because of the ambient temperature. Yesterday I got hungry for some pulled pork, so I decided to set up the smoker in the basement and vent it out through the window. It's working surprisingly well, and the smell in the house is AWESOME!!! It's going to be tough to sleep tonight.

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Looks good is it finished yet?
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I have never smoked inside before. How much smoke do you get in the house? I am always leary about smoking indoors.
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Thanks, but no, not quite. I put in on around 7:00pm, so it'll probably be ready around 7:00am. It'll be a long night. icon_wink.gif
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Thats looking good. I would be a bit afraid to smoke indoors though
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I never have either so this is a first for me. I smell the smoke a little, but no more than when I smoke outside and finish in the oven. The insulation is tight inside the window, and the dryer vent hose fits pretty snug in the hole. The door seals pretty well too, so there's not that much smoke that can escape. Desperate times call for desperate measures. icon_rolleyes.gif
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The carbon monoxide should help...

Unless that entire smoker is once again contained and equipped with positive ventilation, I wouldn't smoke indoors.

At the very least you should have a CO detector on the first step at the top of the stairs... CO is bad stuff man.
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Good thought, but I do have a CO detector in the same room because of my coal stove.
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Make sure the CO detector is working. Seriously.
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