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Time help?

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I have a kenmore electric water smoker and in the manual it says for a 8-10 pork roast it takes 3.5 to 4.5 hours but if i go by the 1.5 hours per pound itll be like over 10 hours i have a 9 pound boston butt and was plannen on going 10 hours but just read the manual any help?
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Set your temp to the requisite 225-250 and cook it until it reaches the desired temp regardless of time! 175 for sliced and 205 for pulled. Be prepared for a stall at some point and don't try to push it, that's the time when the connective tissues, et. al, are breaking down and the meat is getting really tender and tasty!
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You're much better off going by the internal temp of the meat, not the time its over the smoke...
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As above, cook to internal temp. If you want a guestimate figure 1.5 hours per pound.

If (and only IF, so I don't get to flamed on this) need be you can foil after 140 internal temp and finish in oven
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You can't get flamed in an oven unless something goes terribly wrong! icon_wink.gif

Seriously, many of us here have done just that! If all you need is heat, no sense in stoking the fire or burning more propane if the oven is cheaper to operate!
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my thermometer stoped worken dont have another and cant get another my 9.53 pound butt has been cooking for 6 hours figured i just go another 3-4 hours still got juices running out but real good color
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Is this the same butt you asked about in the Long Cook Time thread? You have three pages of good advice there. Get that thing rubbed one night, get up early in the morning and put it in the smoker. Check the temp after 6- 8 hours, foil if you want to, and take it out when it's around 190. Wrap it up and let it set for at least 30 min. Pull and enjoy.
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Ok your offf to the races! Looks like we posted at the same time. You'll be able to tell when it's done. The bone is a good indicator, look for it to come loose from the meat... We need some Qview
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Also theres no thermometer on the smoker just started doing TBS thin blue smoke was kinda thick earlier not sure how hot the electric smoker gets on the inside.Its only about 3-4 foot high i got a drip pan with water in it and aluminum foil under that to help keep the direct heat down.
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Sounds like you're doing fine... Can ya post some pics?
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I think I would send someone to the store for one of those inexpensive probe style thermometers just to be sure you reach but don't exceed your desired temps. $5 or less gets you a good one.
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No pics but it looks like my thermometer is working now ,only says 135 though after 6 hours i guess thats about normal and thanks it dose have a bone but its not sticken out that much yet ,think ill be just fine with all the good info ive gotten.
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