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Apparently, I got this all wrong. I thought that the Tyndall effect was responsible for the blue hue of TBS, and then for the white as well when particle size > wavelength. I'm pretty sure Raman scattering is responsible for the odious black smoke.

My reasoning concerning white smoke and creosote was that, with larger particles, the relative temperature of the undesirables versus the exhaust gas would be lower - thus, more precipitates out of the smoke and onto the food... or something like that. It all made sense to me at some point.

Forgive me if I've become completely incoherent; I'm extremely tired. icon_neutral.gif
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Are you trying to be polarizing?

Phil Brown from I. L.?
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Okay, I'm mystified by your question. I thought maybe it was a pun, since I was just talking about light, but I'm still not certain. Here's by best effort at answering a question I'm unsure about: A) No, I'm not trying to polarize anyone. In fact, I generally try to promote unity in my affairs. B) I really didn't realize that there was an argument here, and thus sides. If there are two sides here, they must be the "TBS is gospel" and the "greater complexity of smoke" groups, which could probably also be delineated as novices and experts. I am a novice, but I certainly wasn't trying to hold up the novice opinion over that of the experts. From where I'm standing, your expertise is incontrovertible; I seek only to learn from you, not to contradict. I was hoping to gain more knowledge from further discussion.

Nope. There are just too many Phil Browns running around, I suppose. If I were all of them, I'd be a jazz bassist who played Luke Skywalker's uncle and nabbed three silver medals for Great Britain in the 4x400m relay. Sadly, I'm one of the less notable ones. PDT_Armataz_01_10.gif
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Dang! And I always just figured billowing white smoke was an indicator of to many beers on my part..... lol.biggrin.gif
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Here's my method of keeping TBS with a propane GOSM. Load the wood pan and turn the smoker to high. When the smoke starts rollin' heavy(45 min.), crank it back to the sweet spot. (about half way between low and med on my smoker.) When the smoker gets back down to 225, you should have a nice TBS. Throw on the meat and smoke away. Add a small chunk every half an hour or so, as apposed to awaiting for for the smoke to run out and adding alot of wood. It keeps the white smoke to a minimum.

An even better method is to keep a separate fire going and to add the charred coals to your wood box as needed. Burning wood usually produces heavy white smoke until it burns down a bit. There in lies the TBS. Also, make sure the wood is properly seasoned. Green would produces nasty smoke.
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