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My first fatty with Q-view

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Decided to take the plunge today .....

First the fixins ....bacon(of course) potato, onion, cheddar and mozzarella later

Ready to build first cheese layer

Bacon,onion,taters all mostly cooked

More cheese

Needs a bacon jacket

On the smoker

Now the hard part waiting for it to cook....more later
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Looks like you have a good start going there. Cant wait to see it out of the smoker.

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What he said . Great Qview .
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Now this is your first fattie or just your first with Qview??? It really doesn't matter for it will soon be one of your new favorites to smoke. Now it's funny that you chose a baked potatoes fattie because I fixing to post and fattie thread myself I did 3 for the boys at work. Great job !!
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No my first ....I just have great teachers here on SMF. My g/f helped choose the fixins' she loves home fried potatoes and baked potatoes and the baked I used were left over from last nights dinner.
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Looking good! Looking real good!!
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May be your first one, but it won't be the last!
Great job on the fatty and the q-view.
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