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I use a Weber 3601 and while I don't use it much for ribs, it really is handy for indirect cooking of chicken wings. I hung almost 2 dozen wings on this rack last night. Didn't need to flip each wing individually (a pain in the butt) but rather just rotated the rack every 10-15 minutes.
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The angled rack in the roasting pan you (probably) already own does great double-duty as a rib rack. Just invert it. I used to use it when I smoked on the Weber kettle. But not anymore.

For the CGSP I got an adjustable crome-plated rack from Lowes. Cost like 7 bucks. It fits underneath the wire rack that came with the smoker. Using it I can do 9 racks of babybacks: 5 on the cast-iron grates, 2 above them on the chrome rack, and 2 above that on the CG wire rack.
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I also use the rib rack due to a narrow GOSM, a bit of a pain but it works, when I finish the "Frankensmoker" I will purchase on of these.

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does anyone know the average length of spare ribs?
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I do both, but as someone has said previously, it does make it difficult if you want to put sauce on your bones.
When I do beef ribs I usually lay them flat, as the rib rack I have isn't thick enough unless I stagger the ribs every other slot.
Pork ribs I use the racks.
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I simply pull the membrane from them and rub them then roll them up in as roll for smoking . I do use twine to tie them off . Sometimes I will put green chile peppers in the middle for some heat . Paul Kirk taught me years ago at his cooking class . Works good .
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Only when I need the space, else wise I lay them flat. Fortunately I don't have to cut them if I do use a rack.
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Can you post a picture to show the method you are talking about? For the beef ribs I've boughten, they wont flex very much until they are in the smoker for several hours. It sounds like it would taste pretty good. I do love chilies :-)
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PAM is your friend.
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So I was having some friends over and decided I was going to smoke some ribs in my Kettle. My first time ever smoking. Never done it before in any form. I smoked a rack of beef and pork together. Didn't have a rack and needed one because of the space issue. When I bought my kettle it came with one of those cheap coated grills so I bought a nice heavy grill. Having the cheap one sitting around I thought hmmm... maybe I can make a rack out of that. and so... here it is:


Old Grill with section cut off:



Rack section with Sections removed and ends bent to hold in place on grill:



Ribs on grill looking delicious:




So I have to say... I love ribs and most of the time if we go out I'll order ribs.

Too often I'm kinda disappointed. Every once in a while I'm pleasantly pleased.

I say that to say this I've tried quite a few ribs and I'VE NEVER HAD ANY BETTER THAN THESE!

If I do say so myself :)

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Drsongs, nice improvising!!! I use old, idle components now and then, myself...a little creative thinking can go a long way.




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Thanks Eric,


Good ole' redneck ingenuity always makes me proud :45:

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I use an MES 30 incher and I have a Rib rack, my neighbour has a Square, brand name slow cooker, it has a rack we have used on occasion.  I have had 10 racks of ribs in this baby at one time before, as well as a pan of salt and some Meat Candy on the go.  But id use the Rack(s) every time I do Ribs.  I use the rack from start to finish using the 3 - 2 - 1 method most every time.


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I have a rib rack that I've never used cuz I've always have been able to lay my ribs flat in the GOSM and Lang 60-one of the kids gave it to me for my birthday years ago. Now that I'm using my mini WSM more than the GOSM or the Lang (since it's Ma D and me) I'm going to have to dig out that rib rack. It's also suppost to be a potato rack as there are spikes on the sides. Those may have to come off in order to fit inside the pot.

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I just bought a brinkman one today. I had the Weber in my cart and then saw the brinkman. It was longer so I wouldn't have to cut the ribs in half
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Looking to make rib racks for my smoker. Like them to be custom as I want to get all available space to use in my 250 gal RF.

Will be doing as much as I can get in the smoker for cookouts. 

Looking for suggestions and ideas. Hoping that this would work when cooking 200 pounds or more ribs.

Links from this forum are broken or no longer working unless my computer being dumb?


Rather build the racks as I can get it the size of my smoker racks. Can I use steel or does it need to be Stainless?

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I smoked 3 racks of baby backs on a Weber Kettle (22") recently.  The tops of the racks began to darken quicker than anywhere else, so I had to flip them in the rack.  Need to watch how your temps in your grill will affect the evenness(?) of the ribs.  I eventually split the ribs between another grill and laid them all flat.  I prefer to lay them flat, bone side down, if at all possible.

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My wife bought me a really nice Rib Rack but I have never got to us it, She decided it would be put to better use for her cookie sheets in the cupboard.



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I have a rib/roasting rack i use it more for roasts than anything else.

you can flip the curved pieces around for ribs


i also have a chicken wing and leg rack that my wife got me for Christmas

its pretty neat too



Gotta love toys!

phatbac (Aaron)

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