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More Bacon (Qview)

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Finally smoking some more bacon!
I wasn't feeling good when I had to pick up the belly I ordered, so I cut it in 3 pieces & froze it. Once I got straightened out, I thawed the 8.6 pounds of belly and went out & got a small 6 pound butt to cure & smoke with the belly. I used the last of my Hi Mt Buckboard Bacon Cure for the butt, and TQ & brown sugar on the belly pieces. I put as much smoke as I could on all, with Hickory chips, and Apple chunks & sawdust. Started at 8:30 AM. Pulled the belly pieces at 1:30 PM, and the butt at 3 PM. Below is some Qview.

Belly pieces after curing:

Belly pieces after smoking:

Butt after smoking:

All sliced up:
Back left (1/3 of belly)-----Injected with Maple Syrup.
Back right (2/3 of belly)----Brown Sugar, Black pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder.
Front (Buckboard Bacon)----------Hi Mt Cure only

Thanks for lookin',

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Looks good nice color PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks like Christmas morning to me! (tear in my eye)
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As always, BC, awesome looking bacon. I pulled out a package of CB last night to have with my eggs this morining... got all choked up cuz I only have one more package left!

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Wow it looks great, hope mine turns out like that!
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Great looking bacon/BBB. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks for the nice comments guys.

Hey WALLE, better get making that CB !icon_cool.gif

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im hungry now
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that looks outstanding,its so cool to know that we can make better bacon at home for 1/2 the cost. them are thick looking bellys, i wish i could find em that thick.
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Well heck there BC I haven't heard from you in a while. I see you have made it back with a bang. I really like your bacon and alot of it too. man you did a great job there Bear. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That's ALOT of bacon. I would like to try smoking bacon one time.
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Looks great. Did you think the injection with maple syrup was worth doing or would you skip it next time. Never done bacon, but have one in the freezer to try, just getting ideas on how to do it. Great job.
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Man that looks awesome!
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Very nice color. I have to try that buckboard bacon really soon. It is hog processing time here in Michigan so I really need to concentrate on my bacon. I have lots of sausage, need brats soon for the summer soon. I will post when that time comes. Probably three weeks or so. Beating up on the walleye on Saginaw Bay through the ice right now..
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Rstr Hunter,
Taste is pretty good with the Maple syrup. Must be careful not to burn it in the pan due to the sugars in the Maple syrup. I doubt I would bother injecting Maple syrup in my bacon again. I love Maple syrup, but it really isn't needed.

Thanks again to all for the comments,
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WOW! Those all look awesome. Another item I will have to learn about and someday give it a try. Great job! Do you have a detailed write-up of your process and ingredients you would share?
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Hey Bear,
After seeing you`r pics... you convinced me to do bacon.!

I am also drooling...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Excellent looking baconpoints.gifGood work, great color inside and out.
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Here is one of my first Canadian Bacon. It's basicly the same recipe. The main thing is use the exact right amount of whatever cure you're using, and keep it in the cure for long enough. Any more questions, I'd be glad to answer. I think I got this bacon thing pretty good now.

Thanks again to all, and thanks to "mulepackin" for the points,
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