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Jackson Mississippi to Atlanta Georgia is 382 miles 6 hour drive. Hell in Calif. we drive that far for dinner. Leave at 4am you will be seasoning your smoker at 6pm. Do you really want to trust your new toy to someone that doesn't care.
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I really don't but the smoker isn't in Atlanta. Its in Tulsa Oklahoma, that is a 9 hour trip from here.
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Thanks, I will check them out.
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UShip preliminary quotes are between $600 and $1600
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In the past I have seen craigslist adds for bellfabs in atlanta, email Craig back and see if he knows someone there or what, I was in the same boat, des moines area to tulsa and back is around 1000 miles, jackson to tulsa is just a touch more, luckily I had a buddy in springfield MO where I could hole up for the night so I took two days to get it done, even with a 10-13 mpg big block dually it was way cheaper for me to drive after it. I never really checked any of the LTL/hotshot carriers but the cheapest road carrier I found wanted $500 or so to bring it.
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Well I got a shipping quote from for $179 so I am very pleased there. Craig called me today and said he is starting to work on my smoker now, and it will be ready for pickup on Monday. Can't wait to start smoking something, I have a few racks of ribs waiting!! Hopefully I can get it mounted to a trailer before Easter, if so I will be posting some QView for y'all to enjoy.
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Welcome to the forum. I just switched from a horizontal w/ firebox to a Weber Smokey Mountain 22". I can tell you it is super easy, very fuel efficient, still has a ton of room, and works like a champ. On one load of the charcoal ring it ran for 9+ hours at 250° and I only had to adjust the vents once.... that's it! No adding fuel, no stirring coals, no fuss, no muss!
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I can't wait to see how much more fuel efficient this new smoker is going to be versus my NB Bandera without mods was. Next order of business will probably be a charcoal basket, but I will see what this looks like when I get it.
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Smoker was delivered today! I had to go to the UPS hub to pick it up because they didn't have a truck with a lift gate on it. No biggie but I really think I am going to enjoy my new toy :)

I'll get my good camera out when I get home and take some pictures. Going to a friends house this weekend to see about making a trailer for it.

I need some good gauges for it, any recommendations on where to get it?
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Smoker pictures. Craig did a great job.

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Welcome to SMF..Good luck finding your new Smoker..
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Thanks, I think I have found a good one now.
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