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IOWA Folks, let's dine

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The 26th or 27th Noon? in Des Moines
Smokey D's

Let me or JDT or Dude Abides know what works best, and we can get together and make storys.

We have done this in the past, try the BBQ joints and make our own oppinion. GREAT time.
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We will probly go to the 1210 Locust location
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Looking at their hours, they are only open Monday through Friday and the 27th is a Saturday.
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well, the 26th work?
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LOL, in my head I was thinking the 26th might work for me, but the thought never made it to my fingers to type. I need to check my schedule at work tomorrow to make sure I don't have any meetings scheduled. But I think that day should work.

I haven't been downtown during the workday for awhile. It always makes me appreciate the free parking and less traffic out west.
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Was'nt too bad the last time I was down town, but is was a blizzerd and most folks with commen sence was at home.
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was it me that asked a question. i don't remember off hand, probly had a senor moment on my part.icon_smile.gif
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Pike, where ya from in Iowa? Thot you was in Des Moines.
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I told the wife we were going to try and do this so I am good for Friday or Saturday, does anyone have any other suggestions on where to go? we are pretty flexable except I don't think any of us want to go back to wendells. That downtown smokey d's location has lots of street parking and is connected to a public ramp by skywalks so its pretty easy other than its not free unless you park a long ways away.
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I won't be able to make it - but I was in Des Moines a few weeks ago and stopped by Jethro's. Best bb's I've ever had. It's a place to get barbecue done right IMO.
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Thanks for the invite, but I will have to work both those days.
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We will have more meatings in the DM area.

I will post up some more dates for Gatherings this summer, These will be at a campground and/or my house.
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You guys mean you go to a BBQ resturant and then inside the place you judge their food. They really let you do this cause if I went into a bbq resturant and told them what I thought thay wouldn't be in there very long before they had me on their shoulders heading for the doors. Hopefully they will be open this time.
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YA, sometimes we tell them what we think, depends on our alcahol content. We have only been to a couple, so far 1 REALLY SUCKED, the others, OK at best. I ain't much for eat'n Q out, rather do my own or go to someones house, but this gives us insperation, we aint that bad,useally better than the places we are eating at.
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Thanks for the invite, but unfortanatly ill be helping a friend with frickin guttters all weekend (he lost some earlier this winter). Let me know if there are any other events though, i would love to meet everyone.

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How would one that is new know the members he might be joining up with?
And vise/versa
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PM me/you.............
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Looks like FRIDAY the 26th, PM me for details and my cell phone#
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Campground sounds great!!! Our family is addicted to camping/RV'ing. Most weekends we can be found with our 5'ver at Lake Ahquabi.
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Smokey D's

If you guys are still interested in Smokey D's. It is actually located in the building I work in. I have been there many times, and it is pretty good.
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