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If I could pick the throwdown category it would be?

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Hi guys and gals,

I thought it would be a good idea to hear what you guys would like to see as a category for upcoming throwdowns. And yes, there will be a fatty throwdown later this year.
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good thought, some of the regular meats would be hard to do, like briskets , and porks they all look similar, just dont taste the same, maybee ribs or whole chickens, burgers or hot dogs might be fun
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Scraps turned into Sausage.

Cold Smoked sausages

Anything Goes... if it is in smoke

Seafood (we are doing that this month)

Ground Meat smokes

Vegetarian Smokes

I would suggest to keep people entering that you keep track of placing and points on a graph so people enter every month. This would allow for a throwdown points champion at the end of the year. Anything to get people to do things that take them into an area never attempted. (For me that is a fattie)
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My first thought was fatties, but I guess you already thought of that.

I think one dedicated to peppers would be good. abt's, rellanos, anything where the central object is a pepper.

Maybe a cold-smoke throwdown??
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I would say fish but I have a feeling they all may look alike and without a taste test it would be hard to judge.
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Fish? What a great idea! biggrin.gif
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pork ribs(a spares month, a bb's month, and maybe even a csr month)
beef ribs
beef roast

I think butts, picnic shoulders, briskets could be done. They all dont looke the same, some look alot better than others(smoke ring, moistness, bark, etc.)
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lamb or goat
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good call,

a wild game one would be nice as well for all the hunters and those with access to wild game meats.
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How about a "Breakfast" themed throwdown?
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This would be a doosey,, but what about an online smoke comp, IE
all in the same entry?

Only reason I was thinking of this is because I am contemplating going to a comp or two this year and need to do a few practice runs,,,

I love this months title, but with the weather doubt I will do anything.

Sausage would be interesting..
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How about a "whole spread"? Each food item would contain smoked ingredients prominently. All would be pictured at a table, ready to be consumed.

A dinner would include an appetizer, a meat, a side or two, and a dessert. Breakfast might consist of a sausage "fatty" along with some hashbrowns or toast of some kind--maybe some flapjacks with some "smoked syrup". Lunch could be a sandwich with smoked meat and some type of side.

Maybe do one style (breakfast, lunch, dinner) once a year?
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something cajun....
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I'm with Bruce (dirt guy) on this one I like the whole meal deal. Maybe not a big party spread but maybe a good Dinner spread would be better idea.
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i like bbally idea of keeping points for a year round tally
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I like the fish idea and the whole plate one too
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If I could pick the throwdown category it would be? At my house of course icon_mrgreen.gif But seriously, it sounds as tho u have a bunch of good ideas...Happy smokes !!
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Ok, thats 2 votes for fish. In case you guys did not notice, THIS months category is FISH AND SEAFOOD.
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thats ok fired up, this site probably does not have too many brain surgeons
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