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1st post and question about CSR

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Hello everyone, new guy here. My name is Brian. I've been browsing the forum learning all I can since I received a CGSP w/sfb for Christmas. I've done most of the suggested mods to it thanks to all the great info found here.

I smoked a few racks of baby backs the first weekend and a rack of spare ribs the next. They came out OK but I was unaware of what the actual temps were during the smoke. Now I have dual RC 3" thermometers, one on each end of the lid, to get an accurate reading and help even out the temps across the grate with the adjustable baffle plates.

My wife picked up a large package of CSR and what we thought was a butt last weekend. I had planned on doing pulled pork with the butt but it turned out to be sliced into steaks. Oh well no biggie, next time. So as of right now I've coated them with mustard and a rub and they are in the fridge until tomorrow morning.

My question is would anyone care to share any advice as to how I should go about doing these cuts? The steaks are about an 1" thick and the CSRs vary in size and thickness from one to another.

Any help would be greatly appreciated PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif.
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This is how I like them http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...917#post337917
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First off welcome to SMF. Would you please stop into Roll Call and introduce yourself properly and we can give you the big warm welcome we like to give new members. Now to your ribs I have always just rubbed them the way I do alot of butts and then smoke them straight on thur to about 185-200 somewhere in there for the juiciest most tender coutry style ribs that you have ever had.
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Thanks guys. So what temp should I smoke at? How long for the steaks that I'll be doing at the same time?
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