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Cajun Injector

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Anyone have a Cajun Injector? Saw one at Academy for $199, same as an MES at Lowes, and it looked pretty solid. Any info?
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If you can afford the 40' at sam's I would consider it. 299.00 + 3 year Warrantee 39.00 dollars. Depends on your usage. It will do full racks of ribs without cutting them in half.
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Ditto what Ronp said..

They are the same MES and Cajun Injector, just a label change.

The only thing I would be looking at would be are they the latest models. Masterbuilt now has Lowes & Home Depot as well as several other outlets selling their product, so check around before you buy, there may be a sale, and you might get a discount if you tell them you have a choice as to where you will buy.

You never know until you ask.
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