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MES Possible Mods

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I have the new 40" MES from Sam's and it is great, BUT of course nothing is perfect. I have utilized ronp's tile MOD and I got thinking; HMM, if the guys with SNP's modify their Smokers with a dryer hose to keep the smoke down into the chamber, why can't I? If I put a piece of dryer vent into the exhuast vent and extend it into down to the top grill, shouldn't I get a better smoke? Jump in and help before a make an a** of myself and make a mistake.
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With the wood burning already in the bottom or near the bottom I would think if the hose was at the bottom it would pull the smoke down from the chip tray and out the hose. That would prevent the smoke from getting to the top of the smoker?
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they usaully fill up with plenty of smoke
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If you'll watch the smoke starting with the light on at night, you'll see just how much movement there actually is inside the MES. I was amazed at the turbulence inside the thing. I wouldn't bother with a mod like that. As a matter of fact, the only way I see to improve on this new model is the tile to disperse the heat away from the corner a little, but I have to say, I've not checked the temp variance in this new model and haven't smoked enough in it to establish there is a problem yet. I've been really happy with my new model.
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The number one mod that needs to be addressed, is a gravity feed wood chip feeder. Or a power assist one, that would allow for true Set n Forget smoking.

I am differentiating between a feeder and something like the Smoke Daddy, which works great, but I am thinking of utilizing the current method of burning the chips inside the MES.

Because I don't own a smoke daddy I can testify if there is a difference in the quality of smoke generated from the SD vs chips burning inside the MES. Quality I mean the flavor added to the meat.
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Working on it. I'm actually envisioning a gravity-fed smoke generator that you could attach to any smoker. Does anybody know how the Viking gravity feed system works? It all seems painfully simple at first, but there are actually some technical issues to solve. I'm not sure if it can be made to work with chips or not.

If anybody wants to brainstorm on this, I'm open to anything.
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How long does the Bradley generator run when fully loaded? It's not cheap but an MES with the Bradley generator added is still cheaper than a Bradley.. But then it locks you into the Bradley bisquettes.
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Has anyone came up with this chip feeder mod yet?
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