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think i messed up my cb

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well i dont remember if i added the brown sugar or not it is on the smoker as i type this it cured for a week no i didnt do a fry test like i did before been so crazy with mother in laws house burning down and trying to get her set up then the damn snowstorm i didnt have time any idea how this will come out i did half the loin plain and the other half with garlic,pepper and some other seasonings it smelled realy good but damn i cant remember putting the brown sugar on aghhhhh
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Are you saying your forgot about putting the brown sugar in the brine/rub or on the butts before you put them in the smoker?
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It's not gonna hurt anything. If it isn't sweet enough for ya, when you cook it or warm it up put a little coke in the pan with it and cook it down. Doesn't take much and it will sweeten it right up. I do a lot of CB without sugar.
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thanks im sitting here racking my brain trying to remember if i added it.I am smoking it on a ecb i saved from getting scraped the smell with the kingsford hickory charcoal and the cb is unbelievable.This is the first real smoke on this smoker i added some cherry chips to the coals in a aliminum foil pack it smells great
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no biggy without the sugar-I never use it and I sell alot!!!
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