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need some advice on MES

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I am thinking about buying an MES 40", but I want the 1200 watt model. Does anyone know what model # they are? I've already read the posts about the mods needed, which are no problem. Anything else that I should know about them? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Brad
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Not sure about the wattage but this is the current 40" model. A friend of mine recently bought one and they have made several good changes to it. I wonder when they will figure out that having the top vent directly above the heat source creates a hot spot.PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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Sams Club has the 40" but it may not be at your local store.
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Sam's club 299 + 3 year warrantee 39, best deal.
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The one that I just got from Sam's has a model # 20070810, 40" 1200w. I heard that 20070710 could be the same one.
The one from Bass Pro looks the same as mine but the #is diff model #: 20071009. Not sure if that has anything to do with anything
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The new model has 1200 watts on the inspection plate. You can also tell by the flat plate welded on the top of the chip loader tray. I love mine.
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Great value for the $$$!

SAMS is the best deal!


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I went to Sams Friday & bought the 40" MES w/ 3 year warranty. Seasoned it yesterday. Probably won't get to do my first smoke with it until next weekend. I am gonna use Pignit's cart suggestion. Thanks for all your help & suggestions guys.
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I just bought mine this past Saturday, seasoned it Saturday night and did my first smoke on Sunday. I love it. The temperature shoots right back up after the door is closed and its really easy to smoke with.
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Same here. Had great smokes my first 2 times so far. Very quick and robust recovery. Not whimpy!!!
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