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Ok having a problem...

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What else can i smoke?
Dont get me wrong I love Ribs, Butts and Bacon and Chicken
And i'm not a reallly a beef eater.icon_neutral.gif

Whatelse can i smoke?icon_question.gif

Now mind you i live near Philly.
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Anything......and I mean anything that you can do in the oven you can do in the smoker.

Start with a pizza. icon_mrgreen.gif
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try fish there is so many differant types you could spend years just tryin differant ones
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I bet you havn't tried this yet. SPAM!
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Turkeys, stuffed peppers, shrimp
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Corned beef, make Pastrami.
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Cat - The other white meat.
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Spam is a good one or bologna.

There is always sausage, ABT's(previously mentioned), potatoes, spaghetti, just use your imagination.

Ill add, crab, shrimp, scallops, mussels, clams, frog legs
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ABT's, Fatties, Wild game, Sausages, Unicorns, Cheeses, Hot dogs, Yes I said Hot dogs, wonderful smoked.......

Oh wait! you said you live near Philly, in that case probably anything you can trap under the sink. biggrin.gif

How bout the meat for a Philly cheese steak?

In a throwdown I think I remember Bobby Flay and the other contestant both smoked the meat for their dishes. icon_smile.gif
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dont forget EGGS!
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salmon, trout, any kinda fish....


let your imagination run wild
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I would suggest meat loaf, fatty's, eggs and don't forget smoked salmon.
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Oh and as others have mentioned you have to make ABT's if you have not already!!!!
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LOL and i love fried spam!!!
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LMBO Cat taste like chicken.
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Eggs? how would i do those?
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ABT's? Nice!! something with some heat!
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How adventurous/ambitious are you?

Here's a few things I've done lately when I was itching for something really off the charts...an experience I wouldn't soon forget type of smoke, which are all non-beef, as you mentioned beef isn't your thing:

Chicken Pastrami? Yes, chicken:

Sweet Garlic & Pepper Chicken Sausage (loaf, for cold slicing, meat chopped in food processor):

Smoked/Seared Chicken Thighs, boneless (cold smoke & sear with charcoal grill):

Fatty Pie...this is a fatty in new form...very fun to create and great eating too:

Pork Chops, cold smoked & seared with charcoal grill:

Oh, how could I forget this one...experimental skinless whole chicken (this was a pretty cool one to try and good eats):

Original stuff here, but family and myself all think they're good eats.

Good luck on getting that smoke fix, brother! I know what you're going through...been looking for something new to smoke about twice a month.

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I know you said you do not eat beef, but hamburgers an steak are awesome smoked!!!!!!!!!!!!
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