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7" of Snow vs 18 lbs of Butt

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It's around 25 degrees out and I got these butts for 99 cents a pound so.....

Time to melt some snow. Maple syrup and some home made rub on the butts. Hickory and GFS lump in the box. Qview when I find the camera. lol

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That sounds good! I hope ya find the camera soon.
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Butts at 145ish....

Gettin colder but wind has died down.
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Damn, I Love Nice Butts!


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Nice to see some qview from a fellow kentuckian......butts look great....
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nice lookin butts!

always good to see more kentucky boys around here
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Very Nice looking butts
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I love smoking in the cold!

Those look great!
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Smokin away at 164 - 166

Butts ready for foil.......

They're in the cooler resting now. I'm going to do a little resting before i pull them. wink.gif
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Very nice!
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Smokin Butts in 7" of snow, are you related to Jeremiah Johnson?

They look so good they would wake up a bear from his deep winter sleep.
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Finally got the finished pics uploaded......

Butt coming out of foiled pan at 195.

I wrapped both butts in heavy foil and rested them in the cooler for 1 hour. Pulled them both and ended up with a BIG pan of pulled pork. Mixed in some SoFlaQer's finishing sauce and filled a small pan for dinner. Bagged and froze the rest.

The kids just put sauce on it and ate it with a fork. I made a sammie with my sauce and sprinkled with shredded cheddar. icon_mrgreen.gif
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man that looks doing a butt next weekend in exchange for a truck load of oak,maple,and cherry
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Nice job in the cold.
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Funny you mention that. While cruising thru WallyWorld I saw a copy of Jeremiah Johnson on the 4 dollar rack. Of course I bought it and actually watched it during this smoke. PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Nice Job, They Look Great....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Very nice looking & I bet great eating. I noticed you smoke the Butts with the fat side up. Is that the proper way? I just started smoking meat & the 2 pork shoulders I have done were with the fat side down (meowey's sticky thread). They both turned out great....but just wondering.
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You can do it either way but I usually score the fat cap and add extra rub on top. As the fat melts it self bastes the meat. Butts are very forgiving and I don't really worry about temp spikes as I would with a brisket. I ALWAYS smoke briskets fat cap down.
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