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Picture Test

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Test Of Picture
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Sorry, no image is displayed.
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There we go, i think i have it
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nope, give it another try
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Nice avatar Hogfan40! Still don't see a pic.
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Sh** this is driving me crazy, what the hell am im doing wrong, its saying file upload failed, but i see the picture on the forum, and also how do i get rid on the newbie word by my name.

thanks, please help going nuts
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did i get it now, just trying to figure it out?
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if your intention was a picture of a husky then you're right on. Also, I see no "newbie" by your name.
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ROFLMAO!!! your right the newbie is gone. Yes, i was just trying to upload any pic, trying to figure this out, and it looks like it has happen, that was a picture of my husky taken by my wife this morning, thanks for the help.
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I think the newbie tag goes away after a certain number of posts - or I could just be a newbie and dont really know. Nice looking dog!
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Thanks, he has been a good dog so far, he's about 3 years of age, i take him with me when i go hiking, i have a saddle bag i put on him and he never misses a beat.
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