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weekend recovery with qview

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well the other weekend I started out to make some ribs ...........................that didn't happen ! !

so for the superbowl I decided to make up for it

I seasoned up a couple of chickens threw the on the smoker with a couple of garlic and kicked back

threw some bbq baked beans in the oven

and had a killer dinner

chicken was terrific tender juicy robust mesquite smoke mmmmmmmmm

beans are a combo pork and beans, ketchup, brown sugar, spicy brown mustard, some sweet baby ray's honey chipolte bbq sauce, onion , bacon, and some cajun seasoning .......baked at 400 for an hour covered in foil then flip to broil to brown the bacon on top hope ya'll enjoyed your weekend I know I did
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Dude? Sorry about your Wheels.
How did you get it out?
I hope that chicken and beans made up for the wheels...
Nice looking meal there!
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Tough going on the truck, but at least you made the best of it. Great meal my friend.
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Getting Your truck stuck like that will one day be a treasured story you will tell and re-tell again and again. Had you not got stuck, you in all probability would have never remembered that day again.
Its like having a grudge........keeps your memory sharp!

( Just me trying to see the silver lining in it biggrin.gif )

Ha ha on you for getting stuck by the way icon_mrgreen.gifsnicker snicker

Nice qview of the burdz, and the beans. They look yummy.

PS. Its a perfect opportunity to tell your kids the story of the birds and the beans. So they don't have to learn it from strangers.
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Thanks everyone! ! yeah the truck came out pretty easily to bad the ribs didn't ! ! lol
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Sorry about the truck and the ribs - the birds look great - nice recovery
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