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My take on chips, dips, and salsa.

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The comments mentioned below are only mine, and do not represent the women in my house.

Don't buy me small size chips, I like them man-size that can hold plenty of dip/sala.

Don't buy me thin chips that break in the dip/salas bowl.

Don't buy me any new/improved off-color or funny tasting chips. Change is not always good.

Don't buy/make me any low fat, light, or tasteless dip, games are serious and so are the feelings of my taste buds.

Don't buy/make me any dip that is so thin it runs down my clothes before I get it to my taste buds.

Don't buy/make me a wimpy salsa that has less heat than ketchup.

Don't buy/make me a salsa that is all heat and no flavor, tasting like tomato soup with red pepper flakes.

Dont buy/make me salsa that is so running that it ends up on my clothes on top of the thin dip.

Do enjoy the game!
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richoso1, thanks for expressing my thoughts on that subject.
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LOL I've never seen that articulated so well. I always have to give an eye-roll when a waiter brings me a bowl of multi-colored cardboard wafers instead of some good chips.
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I would go along with all of that. To bad my wife is in the habit of looking for "The deals" and trys to find which one is the best by for the amount of money. I just walk into the store and grab the first bag I see that I know is good. She likes to walk around and look at them all and figure out which one to by. This goes for just about everything in the grocery store. I have my list when walking in I go directly to items I need on my list put them in the basket and get out. She asks me why I didn't buy this or that when I was at the store. I say because it wasn't on my list. It takes me 10 minutes to be in and out of the grocery store her not so much usually over an hour. What can you do????
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well said!!!!!!!
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