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New WSM running hot

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I am planning to use my new 22.5" Weber Smokey Mountain to do some ribs for the Super Bowl tonight. Last night I ran a bag of lump hardwood and hickory chunks through it to season it up a bit. Thing ran hot at over 300 degrees with only one of the bottom vents open 1/3 of the way.

Also as info, I used the Minion Method to fire up. Maybe I need to start with a smaller chimney of hot coals.

Granted there was no water in the pan or meat on the racks. Will this bring the temp down when I 'go live' today? Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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water pan will hold your temps down & in check.

WSM really didnt need to be seasoned, wont hurt, but they are ready to go right from the box.

A new WSM will run hot for the first few smokes, until the shiny metal inside gets a nice coating on it.

good luck
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Yep, the water pan makes all the difference in the world.
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