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blizzard smoke (Q-View)

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Well, for some reason i decided that today would be a great day to do a pork shoulder.

Here is the shoulder, sorry, didn't take a pic with the rub.

Here is what the back yard and smoker look like.

More to come.
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Here is the back yard after some work, with the smoker going.

And the pork, after about an hour.

As a question, i may have gotten a bit over excited about the charcoal and wood needed, so the temp has been about 140 - 160 for the first hour. Will this be a problem over a long smoke? It is settling down now, but i am a little worried.
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Do you mean it is 240 to 260? I always smoke Pork Butt anywhere between 225 and 275 so if that's where your at... your fine. If you actually did mean 140 to 160 you better start crankin that thing up man. Points for the snow removal to smoke today. Your either dedicated or nuts.
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points to you.

if nothing else just for having the nads
to go outside in that stuff
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What he said. Stay warm
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sorry, yes, i meant 240 to 260. And it is now at 236, so i will be adding more wood and charcoal i guess. And thank you for the appreciation of the effort.

i am very excited for this smoke.

And yes, i think i am a little dedicated and a little nuts.
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We all are... makes a nice balance.
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Sounds like you're going to have a great dinner. points.gifto you for showing what a dedication you have to this artform.
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points.giffor the sheer fact that you got out there and smoked amongst that beautiful snow. Looks like all went well. Cheers to ya!
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You are hard core!!!!
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well, i am about 5 hours in, and the temp of the meat is at 163. I had a spike to about 400 degrees, but i pulled some charcoal and wood and it dropped back to 270 rather quick. I am hoping i didn't do any serious damage. Holding at about 250 right now, which i would have thought was too high, but pignit and the dude say that works, and i think they know more about this than i do, since this is my first pork shoulder.

Also, have to say, this is my first smoke with the et-73, and it is a seriously awesome piece of equipment. I love being able to sit on my couch watching tv and then just glance down to see the meat temp and chamber temp. I have a strange feeling i will never smoke again without one.

Thanks for the support, and i will update with pics when there is something interesting to post.
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Sorry it took so long, but by the time the pork was out of the cooler and pulled, it was 2am. I had been up that morning at 5am, and had to wake up at 7am the next morning, so i went straight to bed. Sunday was a mad rush between work and the party the pork was for, but today i am off, and relaxing. The pork was a hit at the party, everyone liked it. Not everyone showed up due to the weather, which was a bit of a bummer, but the silver lining is that I have a nice bit of pulled pork in the fridge right now.

Done and out of the cooler.

Pulled and sauced

On a roll, ready for me to eat.

I was a little worried about my sauce for the pork, so i picked up a bottled bbq sauce after work. But after consulting with some people at the party, i went with mine, and i have to say, on it's own it seemed to be lacking something, but combined with the pork, it was great. Not to bad for a highly involved and exact cooking technique i like to call 'combining the things i have left in my fridge'.

Anyway, thanks for all the comments and help. And who knows, we are expecting more snow on tuesday and wednesday, so i may have to fire up something else. Never done a brisket.
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Great PP and great pics! Yea we got blasted up here in the NE. I agree on your own sauce. Since making my own i'll never go back to bottle stuff. Now im hungry points.gif
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Yeah!!!! That how we Philly Boys do it!!!! ;-)
Nice looking PP there Nilo!
I have that same smoker! I love that lil thang..
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Looks great. I was told a long time ago to never judge a rub or a sauce on their own. Always cook with them first. They are made to be put on meat and will take on different qualities when they are at work.
You done good. You could send some of those leftovers this way>icon_smile.gificon_smile.gif
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It figures that someone from the "Sunshine State" would refer to it as "beautiful snow". Sometimes it's not so beautiful when you have to work in it.

Anyway, great job on the shoveling. Welcome to hard core.
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that's dedication...nie job!
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