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Don't use "Permitex" auto sealer!

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Just a heads up guys!

Toxicity: Eye and skin irritant. May be irritating by
inhalation. Moderately toxic by ingestion. When
heated to temperatures above 300°F (150°F) in the
presence of air, this product can form
formaldehyde vapors. Formaldehyde is a potential
cancer hazard and a known skin and respiratory
sensitizer. Vapors irritate eyes, nose and throat.
Safe handling conditions may be maintained by
keeping vapor concentrations below the OSHA
permissible limit for formaldehyde.
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Good to know, not something I would want to mess around with!
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yeah you gotta use the high temp stuff if you're going to use that. The Ultra Copper High Temp is rated up to 700 degrees.

Edit: dang, even the high temp stuff has that warning! Good to know, I figured if it listed 700 degrees, it'd be good to 700 degrees. Guess I need to read better next time!

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Ya found it out after I used it to keep my thermo in, I am gonna pull the thermo, scrape and weld the hole up for a real thermo...
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Thanks my friend. I have a tube & was thinking about doing some sealing with it........
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dont be to scared. the ozone coming off your computer hardware displaces enough oxygen to be more harmful than the voc's in the permatex. besides once the voc's become airborne they are gone.
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