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I have posted before, as many of us have
re: when to foil ...
In addition, some of the best ribs I have done, (instead of doing the last stage, either opening the foil or removing from the foil then return to the smoker and heat to firm up and crust a little). Instead I leave them in the foil an put in holding either sealed in foil then plastic wrap then towels in cooler or if you cooker can be used as a holding vessel just leave them there in foil turn the heat down to 160º. When ready to serve remove the rib racks and put on med heat BBQ grill for about 5 min. on ea. side, this is where I sauce them then serve. You can't do this last step if you ribs are overcooked and falling off the bone! So it pays to learn how tender the rib needs to be before foiling...

With practice your results will continually improve!
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Oven at 325 HAHAHAHAHAPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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lmfao... "bbq" in the oven.. what was the crockpot not available..?PDT_Armataz_01_03.gif
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3-2-1 method

I just did up 4 racks of BB ribs today. 225 for 3 hours sprayed with apple juice and flipped every hour. Then into foil with my Q sauces and back on for another 2 hours. Last pulled them out for the last hour on the smoker. I ended up with the ribs a little dry I think that next time I will only do the final stage until I have a confirmed bend test lol. Pick it up with my tongs around the middle of the rack and when the meat just starts to break but not fall right off the bone. Though I am not going for the fall off. for that I would just keep it in the foil for a bit longer or add more moisture to it when it goes into the foil.
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too hard to measure the internal temp of the meat with ribs. Just follow the standard 3-2-1 or change it up a bit if you like more/less bite to your ribs by adjusting the time in the foil. It is pretty much full proof. As to liquids....for ribs I do a mixture of apple juice/apple cider vinegar with a splash of Makers Mark PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Try backing off on your total time some. BB's usually go 4 to 4 1/2 hours tops.
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i dont use a thermo in ribs when cooking them, the amount of time in the smoker and the temps i smoke at... 225-250 degrees, will first of have them out of the danger zone long before needed, second will insure they are above the minemum temp required for pork. i have heard of some using a thermo on ribs but truthfully when ribs are close to falling off the bones i dont know what temp that is. maybe someone else who does use a thermo on ribs will share that. as far as liquid to foil with, i generally use apple juice, have used cherry juice as well. i have heard of some using beer and other concoctions. that is wide open for expierimentation.
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Temp is hard with ribs because no matter where you stick the thermometer you'll get a different read.  If you can get a good read, foil around 160 and cook to 190-200.  BUT, I'd recommend foiling when the bark is where you want it.  I have no advice on that.  Usually takes me about 2-3 hours depending on the type and quality of the ribs.  I put apple juice, apple cider vinegar, and some of the rub, honey, and brown sugar in the foil on both sides.  It is awesome.


Hope that helps.   Also, if you think it'll take six hours, leave yourself eight.  Then you can let them cook as long as you need to and never have a hungry crew ruin a day's worth of effort and a lot of cash.

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