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Diamond pattern

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The steel that alot of use to make the cooking surface in your smokers looks like a diamond pattern. For the love of god were do you get it. They dont sell that at the big box stores up this way. What is the name of it and any ideas would be great. Thanks
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it's steel mesh usually you can find it at local factorys or machine shop if you know anybody that works at one.
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It is called "expanded metal". You will want to purchase the "smooth or flat rolled" for cooking surfaces. It can be had in carbon steel or stainless. The stainless will cost a lot more.
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Check your local welding/fabrication shops, steel suppliers or, if you have a salvage yard, check there. I found my 3'x8' sheet of stainless there for under 10 bucks. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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what most people use is 3/4 inch 9 gauge
this place in boston has it

but they are about twice as high as it is here locally, $71 or $74 for a 4 x 8 foot sheet
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I use the #9, but I prefer the raised style to the flat. I find it to be structurally stronger. I can span a greater distance with it, than I can flat, without having to reinforce the shelf.
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thank you

how did i know i would get the answer i needed. only the best people are on this site.
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