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250 gallon tank questions

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I am getting everything together to start (finish) my build and have questions. Is a 2' X 2' X 2" firebox ok for a 250 gallon tank? What size stack , length and diameter would be good? I have a 3" id pipe that is 5' long. I will be posting pics as soon as I can. Thanks
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Also which high temp paint should I use? I do not want to paint it black. I am looking at Stove Bright but I would rather be able to buy it local. What about hight temp engine paint.
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Hey Bryon,

If you'll look in the "building" forum, you should find a smoker calculator to help with your questions. Just do a quick search on the forum. Maybe BBQ Engineer or one of the others familiar with the equations will check in later.

As far as paint, you could go to a place like Sherwin Williams and they could provide a high heat coating in whatever color you'd like to try. Some go the powder coating route--maybe one of them will post as well.

Good Luck.
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you know I have been looking for this calculator for about 3 weeks and I can't find it still icon_neutral.gif

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Here's the link:

Maybe one of the admins can make it a sticky on the "Build" or "Wood Smoker" forum.
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thanks for the link. now I can strart looking for some steel.

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Thanks Dirt Guy. I knew I had seen it but could not find it. Now the build can officially start, I will be picking up the metal tom after work. The trailer is ready and the tank is cleaned and ready.
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