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Thin brisket

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Hey y'all...
I picked up a brisket at the store yesterday and when I got it home I noticed it was really thin... I'm kind of worried that it will cook too fast to get nice and tender.... anybody got any input or advice? Or should I not worry about it... I have never done brisket before this will be my first one.
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It sounds like you have the flat part of the brisket and not the whole packer. It will be just fine just make sure that you leave some fat on it. Then just smoke it to about 165-170 then foil it and then take it to 200-205 and it should be just fine and you will be the hero.
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It should be fine. Sounds like a flat. Are you slicing or pulling? Slicing would be recommended if so, take to 165' - 170' and slice.

Pretty lean for pulling.
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it would be more tender if he took it up into the 190's making a better finish with a first time brisket.

what type of rub are you planning on using?
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I was going to slice, as far as rubs... I havent bought Jeffs rub YET, I have been experimenting on my own, the family dont share my fondness for spicy so I try to make sweeter rubs. I have come up with a kick azz rub with herbs for chicken my pork/beef rub is still a work in progress.
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