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Now I did read a few recipes that called for red wine, but didn't specify what kind. Does it matter? I have some ancient vine Zin. I will try that on the next few batches that I make, as well as some cider vinegar.
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that's what is most important........also go easy on the garlic/onion, it doesn't take much. and like got14u said i like red wine vinegar.
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Just use one or the other. Or at least that's what I do. And you gotta get the right paprika for sure. and for pan frying you could use beef fat next time instead of pork fat. Just grind up you pork butts but save some fat from your next brisket. It seems to fry up better in a pan
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Yeah, I think the right paprika will make big difference. I only had some sweet stuff this go around. Also, you mentioned red wine, rob said red wine vinegar. Did you mean red wine vinegar? I have seen recipes that called for just red wine and I was skeptical about that.

Come to think of it, I believe I have some hard fat left over from the last brisket trim? If I do, I will grind about a pound tomorrow and add it.
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i thought you were talking about red wine vinegar...not red wine.
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Categories: Mexico, Ham/pork, Groundmeats, Sausage, Submitted
Yield: 8 Servings

2 lb Pork; lean, coarse grind
1/4 lb Pork fat; chop fine
2 tb Paprika
2 tb Chili powder
1 ts Pepper, black
1/2 ts Cinnamon, ground
1/2 ts Cloves, ground
1/4 ts Coriander, ground
1/4 ts Ginger; grated
1 ts Oregano, dried, crushed
1 ts Cumin, ground
2 ts Salt
6 Garlic cloves; crushed
1/2 c Vinegar, white
1/2 c Sherry, dry
1 Sausage casing

Combine pork meat and fat thoroughly. Add paprila,
chili powder, pepper, cinnamon, cloves, coriander,
ginger, oregano, cumin, garlic, salt, vinegar and
sherry (brandy may be substituted). Mix well with
hands. Mixture may be stored in a crock in cool place
for twenty-four hours, or better, for 2 or 3 days.
Form into patties and saute.
Alternatively the mixture may be forced into sausage
casing and hung to dry in a cool place. This is best
done in cold weather and hung in a breezy place to aid
in drying.
Unknown source.
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You can use either or. I have never used both at the same time so I guess I really don't know if you can use both. Which I don't think you need to either. You only need one of these for that little bite or tang that all good chorizo has..IMO

well I see the post above shows both. so I guess you can do either or.
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Thanks for the recipe, I am going to give it another shot when butts go on sale cheap. My last batch I trusted a box mix and trashed 30 lbs of pork.
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Here's the one I'm used to. Ingredients right on the front.
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