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Craigslist search..

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Didn't know where to post this question but it's related to Craigslist and the search option. Is there any way to search the entire state with out going to each city listed in the columns? Thanks.
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"search the entire state"

Not that I'm aware of. It appears you can search by city or ALL of
Perhaps you can ask them directly via their help page

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this one will. you can either search on distance from a zip code or if you click on the " Where to Search Options" you can search by state.
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Nice search engine Husker-q. Added to favorites. Thanks.
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Good post husker, I just bookmarked that one. Here is another to look at.
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I get an error on that one due to I-Explorer so can't view. It tells me to use firefox.
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Go with firefox, so much faster
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Thanks great. Am trying the other as well but will have to download firefox.
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This is the ONE I use, it searches all of craigs list, then you can look north south and such
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