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Almost New Kamado in Houston

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I just found out that I am being transferred overseas for 4 years. I have an almost new (Oct 2009), Terra Cotta Blue #5 for sale that has only been used 3 times. It has the natural gas option with Lumpsaver, SS Upper Bracket, SS Upper Bracket Grill, SS Lower Bracket, 15" Baking Stone/Heat Deflector, Custom Hunter Green Sumbrella Cover by Johnnyboy, and 11 boxes of Kamado Extruded Coconut.

You can contact me at if you are interested.
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Just saw this, she's a bute!
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I'm surprised someone hasn't picked this up yet. Than again, you didn't put in the asking price.
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Price is $500 for the basic Kamado and $700 for the Kamado plus the accessories.
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Interested, PM sent
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You still haven't said what you're asking for it.
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Sorry for the confusion. I'm asking $700 for the total package and $500 for the Kamado without the accessories. The actual cost was almost $1750 including shipping which was almost $350.
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This item is sold!
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