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First Build

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First off let me just say hello to everyone, seems like a nice community here.

I am going to attempt to build a reverse flow smoker and have a few questions.

Not sure exactly how many gallon tank my smoking chamber is, all it says on the tank is T.W 192, its 20"dia by 52" long.

The fire box I was going to use is a 7 gallon tank, 12"dia by 19". Will this work for a fire box? or is it to small?

Also both my tanks did have propane in them. I have removed all the fittings and filled them with water till they over flowed. They should be safe to cut now?

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I can't help you out with this but with a little bump hopefully someone will be along soon to help you out.
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First of all, Welcome to the smoking meat forums! To answer your question, in my opinion, the firebox is a bit on the small size. Its always easier to put less wood in than it is to wish you had more space for more wood! Secondly, you want to go to lowes or home depot or any paint supply store and grab yourself a box of Trisodium phosphate.(The pro's call it tsp) This is a de-greaser and deodorizing cleaning agent. Filling the tank with water will rid it of its gas and make it safe as long as you cut it while its still full. The tsp will help, but not totally, eliminate the smell of the oil that is put into propane to give it an odor. Propane is naturally odorless, so they add an oil to it so you can detect a leak. Pour in some powdered tsp and fill 3/4 with water and slosh it around for a while. then fill it all the way up and let it sit for a day or two. Empty the contents.(be careful where you empty it! you will make the ground stink like propane for a while!!!) Then repeat the process.
Lots of people have cut into propane tanks without making sure they were fully purged and full of water and had no ill effect. The problem is.. the ill effect that comes out of doing so can be a spectacular explosion which probably is bad for your health..
Some people may think this is overkill, but i think death is something pretty serious. My father is the state safety adviser for the propane industry, and thats where i get my information. Whatever you decide to do, keep us posted!! We love pictures!! ...and good luck!PDT_Armataz_01_40.gif
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Well thank you very much for the info.

I found the smoker ratio calculation excel sheet on here, and your right, according to that the 7gal propane tank is way to small for a firebox for that size tank.
Looks like I'll have to make up a 18" x 18" x 16" square fire box to achieve the 1/3 ratio.

And I will definately take your advise on cutting while its still full of water and getting the TSP.
Doesn't really sound like over kill to me, I happen to like this whole being alive thing.
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New Firebox coming along

Ok ditched the 7gal propane tank.
Looked all over for 1/4" plate to build a bigger firebox out of but everyone wants a fortune for it, the best I could come up with is 3/16" so it will have to do. And the best part? I got an 18" X 96" sheet for free.
Was just enough to make a 18' x 18" by 16" tall firebox with enough left over for the air intake.
Gonna work on the wood box to slide in side of it next. Got two 20' lengths of 1/4" square stock that was tossed out that I'll make the box out of.

How's this look so far?

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looks great! keep the qview coming! i just finished a reverseflow build using a 12"x20" air tank for my cooking chamber and another that i cut in half for my fire box. her maiden voyage was tonite and let me tell ya.....your gonna love that thing!
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Firebox Damper

I see some of the builds on here with a damper from the firebox to the smoking chamber and some builds without it. Is the damper needed needed? Or is the firebox air intake and chimney damper all that's needed?
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Looks good and like was said keep the pics coming. As for the damper from firebox to smoker unless your going to have a controllable warming cabinet over the firebox I don't think its needed
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Filled my propane tank with c o 2 when i cut it open
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Wood Basket

Ok Pretty much got the basket done this morning. Had a bed frame in the back of the trailer headed for the dumps and figured I'd cut it up and put it to use. It made the exterior framing.
The stock lengths of square rod I got were 1/2' x 1/2" so i only used them for the bottom of the the basket since they should hold up better than expanded metal.
I had a small piece of expanded metal that I was able to get the front and back of the box done and will now have to find another piece for the sides.
Now I just need to get the door and air inlet handle done and I can move onto cutting up the propane tank.
Have 2" all the way around the wood basket and the fire box walls and the basket is still large enough to hold quite alot of charcol and wood.

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Lookin great so far
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That is one hell of an elaborate firebox! Simply amazing.
Keep us posted and I'm posting you some points!

beard points.gif
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that's one of the best fireboxs i've seen! keep'em comin'
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Nice work !
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looking good!
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that is a good looking rig
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I love watching these builds. Keep the pics a coming.

Looks great so far.
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Ok Got the tank cut open, had it sitting for quite a few days with the 2nd fill of water and TSP, emptied it then filled it again and cut the firebox hole out. then laid it down, marked out the door and cut it out.
Now my neighbors keep coming out of their houses looking at me cause I just could not bring my self to drag that tank around to the back yard to burn everything out of it. I'm sure I'll have the fire department at my door any minute.
I'm sure my neighbors love me =)

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HA HA HA Thats Great! Gotta Love neighbors!
Lookin' good1
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OK did a little more work on her today, starting to actually look like a smoker.

And I think my welds turned out pretty good today
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