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How long to keep in a cooler

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I've got a pork loin on now. It's at 115 degrees and I'm planning on pulling it off at 145, wrapping in foil, then towels, and into the cooler. How long should I be able to keep it in the cooler? I'm planning on taking it to a party in about 4hrs. Is 2-3 hours to long in the cooler?
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Not sure what others have done but when I do loins I only rest them under a tent of foil for 15-20 minutes, no cooler no towels.
I'm sure someone will come along shortly that has tried it and can say for sure.
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It's only 9 degrees here so I was planning on a longer smoke, but it's coming along well. Plus, nothing worse than dry pork!!
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You can throw it into a cooler for a few hours but leave your thermo meter in it so you can keep an eye on the temp. I have kept a butt or even a brisket for 4-5 hours before.
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I wrap mine with a bunch of old towels and use a good cooler. I have left pork in it for 7 hours and it was still too hot to handle. Not to mention that the meat had absorbed a lot of juice.
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Ditto That, it works great!
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6+ and it burnt my fingers when I unfoiled. You can always preheat the cooler with hot water if you are worried about losing temp...a closed cooler will take a long time to cool off though.
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