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I am thinking of useing yoshidas to inject into pulled pork or/and briskett, half apple juice and half yoshidas, had anyone used it to inject?
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Used it to inject into a pork loin and it worked out great, make sure you give it time to rest so the flavors will get into all the parts of the meat.
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Yup... what he said (looks up at FireItUp). biggrin.gif

First time I injected I didn't allow enough time for it to work its magic, got very little injection flavor.... lol. I would suggest the night before.
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Check with RonP...he's used it for everything. Wouldn't be surprised if he's used it for shaving cream LOL.tongue.gif

Kepp that Yoshida's rolling, Ron!
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I haven't used it for injecting yet since I don't inject and I haven't shaved with it either.tongue.gif
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