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Where did you get them from? I would be interested in checking them out. I like the section idea, being able to remove one side if need be.
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Squib: Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the smoker you're building a reverse flow?

JIRodriguez: Not sure how a CAD program came up with that, but the basic formula for calculating the area of a circle is spot on. 3.14XRXR
With that in mind, Squibs' calculation was correct.
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Just found out they are backordered
I got a better price from another place but they charged my card and were back ordered, so I canceled because that pi**es me off.
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Yes, why do you ask?
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Can any Lang owners verify this?
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Just hoping that you and Meat Hunter are on the same page. Not sure what kind of smoker Meat Hunter has.

btw, the link in your sig page to your build is not working.

Just figured it out; clicking on the pic opens it.
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Figured out where the differance was coming from the formula 3.14xRxR gives you the area of a wedge shaped opening exactly 1/4 of a 20" dia. pipe (like a pizza cut top to bottom & side to side).

But the shape profile is differant when you split the pipe with parallel lines every 5". The two areas closest to the center point have a larger area than the two areas on the outside. So you end up with the two middle sections measuring 95.661 in. sq., and the two outside sections measuring 61.418 in. sq.

Not sure if that makes any major impact to your build, but one more piece to the puzzle. biggrin.gif
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If that's the case, he's closer than he thoughtPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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That makes total sense
So I am at around 61 I'm a happy camper thanks
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LOL... got to do something with my companies CAD program.... Otherwise I might have to draft the stuff they actually pay me for! biggrin.gif
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I use a different method for calculations. But what you have seems solid.

My only change would be to move the cook rack up 2 inches higher over the heat plate. To close of spacing will create a problem with char.
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I am pretty much stuck with grates at centerpoint I could cheat a not to give me 5" clearance
I thought thelangs were only a few inches apart
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One idea for lifting the racks would be to weld some 2" x 1" angle iron to make a 2" lip higher up. It would lift the racks, but still keep the opening width small enough for the racks to span.
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I will check to see if my grates will fit, I Cut a piece of 1/4" wood 19.25" deep to check for the grate size and it barely fits inside the door opening, my grates are 19-1/4" cast iron porcelain coated grates. I can not cut the grates.

The grates will be in by by next week hopefully.
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I received the grates yesterday and there should be no problem raising the grates an inch or two higher than was originally planned. I will raise them to a minimum 6" clearance from the thermal plate.

Meathunter I am going to take your advice and just tack the rack supports in, just in case they need to be moved, it's a shame I don't have any channel, this way I could place the racks in the channel or above the channel.
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SQWIB, I think you will be glad you raised it up a bit. Your smoker is really coming along nicely. I can't wait to see the first smoke come out of itPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif.

Another advantage to having your grate up higher, is you can take those large foil rectangular pans, and when you make beans, set that pan under your brisket or ribs and let the drippings fall into it. Man, what a flavor that addsbiggrin.gif
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