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Here's what I've got so far:

5 lbs. Corned Beef
5 lbs. Pork Butt
2 lbs. Good Quality Swiss Cheese
14 oz Can Frank's SauerKraut - Drained
Additional McCormic Pickling Spice - Thru Spice Grinder
32mm Hog Sausage Casings

Possible Mixing Ratio = 80% Corned Beef 3/8 grind to 20% Pork Butt 1/4" grind.

Gonna make up a 5lb. batch tonight.

I'm thinking the texture of the sauerkraut may be kinda wierd inside the sausage, so I plan on chopping up to 1/2" or so.

How well will the sauerkraut freeze?

Any other ideas before I take the plunge?



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Sounds like a winner to mePDT_Armataz_01_34.gif. You mean how will the kraut freeze once it's inside the casings? I don't think there would be a problem. I may make it softer, maybe even a little mushy, but I wouldn't worry about that.
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I don't know for sure, but just a reaction. First of all I think this sounds absolutly delicious. I'd consider grinding the pickling spices. I use that same stuff on my pastrami. It's got a lot of "chunks" of whole cloves and such. Might not be to pleasant to bite into that, and a possible tooth breaker.

Also, why not just serve the kraut on the side?

TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES!!!! We're all very interested in this.
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Your mix ratio sounds good. I would definently chop the kraut. and Hi temp cheese will work better if you can get it.

We use a sausage mix instead of just ground pork...makes it taste more like a sausage. Not just a pork chop in a casing with some corned beef.

Sorry I forgot to get the recipie today at work. Got busy!
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Yeeeeowww. Good call there. Grind them for sure. I remember when I bit down on some steel shot years ago. Cracked my tooth if 4 places.PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Finished Reuben Sausage W/Qview

4.7 lbs. Corned Beef -3/8" Plate
2 lbs. Ground Pork Butt - 1/4" Plate
12 oz Good Quality Swiss Cheese - Shredded
(2) 14 oz Cans Franks Sauerkraut - Drained
(3) tbsp McCormicks Pickling Spice - Ground Fairly Fine
(1) Cup Cold Water

Kinda heavy on the pork and had to add extra pickling spice to cover up the "Pork Chop" flavor. SOB suggested using a mild pork sausage along with the ground Corned Beef. I needed the extra fat, but not the extra pork.


Everything ready to go.

Good Consistency with all ingredients.

Tasters and another beer!

Ready to stuff.

Stuffed and linked.

Finished and Packaged.

I was very surprised at how much the sauerkraut actually added to the sausage, in moisture, texture and flavor.

Swiss Cheese can be a little overpowering and I would not add more than 1lb. Swiss Cheese/10lbs. meat mix.

I had to add more Pickling Spice to overcome the "Pork Chop" flavor.I would add some mild sausage next time, or use more Pork Trim to get the fat to 80/20.

I fried up some this morning and poured a little "Thousand Island Dressing" on top.

OMG!!! All I need is some Rye or Pumpernickel Bread.

Too Early For Beer!

Thanks to all who threw in their "2 Cents" and helped me create an "Awesome Sausage"!!

Todd Johnson

No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Awesome - and great pictures.
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Oh yeah, aweesome. You might be my new hero LOL. I can't wait to give these a try. As far as being to early for beer, just move the hour hand ahead on the clock and you won't feel so guiltyPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif.

Great job and a great pictorial for us.points.gif
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nice pics todd, and as the old cabin saying goes " its 5 o clock somewhere"
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points.gifpoints.gifpoints.gifoh yeah points.gif
Oh man, I haven't been this excited about a post in a loooooooong time. These sound absoluty awesome.

Just to be clear, you didn't cure or smoke these, right? Just stuffed the casings then fried them in a pan?

Oh and just for the record, the Killian's Red you didn't get to, would have made the perfect compliment to the inagural cook. It's always 5 o'clock somewhere.

PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif man...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Did not cure and/or smoke them. I guess if i smoked them, wouldn't they be technically called "Pastrami Brats"?

It's 6 degrees outside, and I fired up the grill. Boiled in beer for 10 minutes and finished on the grill.

Pumpernickel bread on the side and Thousand Island Dressing for dipping.

Best served with a "Cold Beer"!


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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OK here is the recipie we use at work for our corned beef sausages for St. patty's day...we push things a little far sometimes....yep thats right GREEN corned beef brats!!! The customers love it! Well some do, the ones who aren't afraid to try something different. When we make some this year I'll take some pics and post them on here.

Here we go!

25 #s of corned beef (we use points cause its cheaper)
Coarse ground (3/8" plate)
12 #s pork trim or pork butts
Fine ground (1/8" plate)
1/2 a bag(4oz) of basic sausage seasoning
mix pork and 1/2 bag seasoning and little seasoning packets from corned beef togetherfirst then add corned beef grind and mix well.
Note: you can substitute with any roll sausage such as Jimmy dean,bob evans,Tennesse pride,ect...

1/2 bottle of green food coloring
1 cup of water
mix the food color and water together then add to sausage and mix well.
Stuff in hog casings
Hi-temp swiss cheese (5 # for batch of sausage)

2 # bag of sauerkraut (drained well then coarsely chopped)

1 Cup of thousand island dressing

We try to keep recipies simple at work figuring that the customer can put the items that are additions on as toppings after it is cooked.
I asume that if you wanted to cold smoke this sausage you would just have to add the proper amount of cure...Right???Any body??comments??
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Thanks Sob!!!


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on saucerkraut

i made this reciepe and the only things i found out you have to drain your sauerkraut and get as much juice out as possible .. if you don't the sausage will get soggy.....i'm going to try to dry the sauerkraut first before adding it to the sausage.. also try to use high temp cheese specially in this reciepe because of the other juices thats going on...
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SOB told me about adding "High Temp Cheese", and I did not have any at the time. The Swiss Cheese disintegrated when I grilled the brats. Next batch with High Temp Swiss Cheese!

I drain the sauerkraut because I was afraid the juice may be too strong.

SOB told me to use a basic sausage seasoning in the ground pork. If you don't use some kind of seasoning in your pork the sausage kinda has a "Pork Chop" flavor. I ended up adding extra "Pickling Spice" until I got the flavor I wanted.

I'd say my sausage experiment was good, but there's room for improvement.

With SOB's advice, I think we will have it figured out!!



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Dang Todd, i dont know how I missed this post, did you ever finalize the recipe?
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